Name: LIMO
Color: Solid Black (at/a Dd)
Description: This black beauty is our future blue and tan producer. She is solid black and carries blue and black and tan. Limo is a well structured dog with great disposition.

Name: SAGE
Color: Blue Pied
Description: Beautiful blue pied female with a short and compact body. Sage is the perfect pet companion or a nice puppy to start your breeding program.

Color: BLUE
Description: French bulldog female: Molly is a very nice female with an awesome Frenchie phenotype and a nice sound temperament. She is very energetic and loves to be around kids. Look out for Molly’s puppies later this year.

Legacy is another one of our young and upcoming female pups. She has a very nice structure and is the gateway to producing some nice chocolate puppies. Look out for puppies from Legacy early next year.

Color: Black and Tan
Description: Our Pride and joy Karma is a black and tan beauty. She is our up and coming queen here at World of Frenchies. She is perfect in every way and will produce some top quality pups.

Name: Pearl
Color: Blue Carrier
Description: Bonita is the queen here at world of frenchies. She has a short and excellent structure with a nice solid head. Most of her pups are sold from her belly. We love her beyond the moon.

Name: Luna
Color: Sable (Tan Carrier)
Description: Luna is our precious tan carrier. She has a petite frame with an appealing face. Luna is a nurturing mother who loves to spoil her pups.